You may find that you have old or worn jewellery tucked away in a draw that you wish you could find a purpose for or restyle to suit your changing tastes. It could be for sentimental reasons and you would like to alter the style or repurpose an inherited family heirloom.

Alongside designing bespoke jewellery for our clients, we like nothing more than breathing new life into an old or out of favour piece. For our team of expert craftsmen, all of the ring materials are reusable and have great potential when upcycling your jewellery.

Retaining certain elements ensures that the sentiment of the original piece remains in the new item and keeps that special feel. From reusing the stones to melting down the scrap metal, we have a range of remodelling services and advise speaking to our team about the potential of your remodelling project.

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Goldsmith repairing damaged jewellery in workshop
Wedding Ring Repair

"After I had my wedding ring repaired and polished it looked better than the day it was put on my finger. absolutely delighted with it!"

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