When designing and manufacturing new rings and jewellery for our clients, we often ask them to provide us with inspiration as to the style they would like to produce. On occasion, clients simply want us to replicate a ring design that they have come across elsewhere, or perhaps don't know the original source.

While our expert team take pride over designing truly bespoke jewellery, we are also happy to provide a service and deliver whichever ring design you require. As we handle the entirety of the design and manufacture process in house and cut out the middle men, we are able to offer jewellery at extremely competitive prices and of the highest quality.

Please contact us via phone, email or enquiry form to discuss your project requirements and for advice from our jewellery expert.

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Goldsmith repairing damaged jewellery in workshop
Diamond Earrings

"I was looking to purchase some diamond jewellery as a birthday gift and knew that Gary James had a core collection of products ready to browse. I arranged a consultation and it was clear from the start that they were very knowledgable on the subject of diamonds, their cut and various qualities. I was able to make a quick choice and placed an order. The look on the birthday girls face was a picture and she has hardly taken off her new diamond earrings. Highly recommended on service and quality of product."

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