Your jewellery may become damaged, worn or simply lose its sparkle over time. We provide a number of jewellery repair services to restore the piece to it's former glory:

  • We can reset any diamonds and gemstones. If you have damaged or lost stones from your jewellery, then we can source and replace them with an exact match.
  • Jewellery requires ongoing care to keep it shining and the metals may dull slightly over time with contact from certain chemicals. We are able to clean and polish your rings and breathe new life into old or worn jewellery.
  • You may find your jewellery picks up chips and scratches with accidental knocks and should this happen, our expert craftsmen are on hand to provide full repairs such as claw re-tipping, clasp replacement, metal soldering and much more.
  • Jewellery lasts a long time but it is very common that over the years ring sizes may vary slightly or a piece of jewellery may be passed on through the family and need a slight tweak. We offer a resizing service and will make the necessary changes to ensure your ring remains a perfect fit.
Goldsmith repairing damaged jewellery in workshop

If you have a gold ring, you should regularly polish the metal with a soft cloth and this will keep the ring shining bright. There are certain chemicals that you should keep your gold jewellery clear of which you may find in domestic cleaning products or beauty products such as hairsprays and perfumes. We would also advise removing your jewellery when swimming as chlorinated water can be damaging.

Similar to gold, your silver metal may damage or discolour with contact from certain chemicals found in hairsprays and perfumes. Water will also have a damaging effect and may stain your silver, so if it becomes wet, it is best to dry it off as soon as possible to avoid any lasting marks. Our best advice for keeping your silver in perfect condition is simply to enjoy it, and wear it often. When not in use, simply pop it away in a soft jewellery pouch.

Diamonds are indeed forever, but it is possible that over time your diamonds may pick up scratches or even chip if not cared for correctly. You should store your jewellery carefully when not being worn, and we would advise against wearing your diamonds when involved in any potentially rough activity such as when working. You can clean your diamonds using a mild solution and a rinse of water before wiping dry with a soft cloth.

For specific advice on your gemstones it is best to speak to us direct as there are so many varieties of stone and some will react differently to water, soaps and cleaning solutions. Our best advice would be to wipe your stones clean with a soft cloth and if they are in need of a more robust cleaner, then make sure you check before accidentally causing dulling or erosion.

Antique Engagement Ring

"I would like to thank you for the care and attention you gave my engagement ring over the past couple of weeks. It was an antique engagement ring and very precious to me with a pretty diamond. Over the years the ring had worn and was in danger of wearing completely. I was told very kindly that the existing setting could not be saved but I was able to have a new setting made in the original style. I am absolutely thrilled with it and the diamond now seems to twinkle far more."

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